Warning to All Business Owners

They’re back…
MAXIMA has received 4 calls since the new year from business owners concerning USA based Business Brokers or Merchant Banker groups that are calling them because they have a serious Buyer waiting to buy them.
The groups are primarily from Florida, Houston and Chicago.
The “snake oil” is the same as Alberta has seen many times before. While we won’t specifically name them, we Googled these companies and can assure you – there are a long list of lawsuits in play.

The call follows the same sort of script:
1) We are calling you because we have a Buyer who wants to buy your business. All we need is a few of your financial details and we will help you sell for TOP dollar! Sign here…
2) We have a Buyer for your business, why don’t you fly down at our expense to
Houston and we will help you close the deal for BIG Dollars! Sign here…

3) We have thousands of Buyers across North America. We will get you the best price
for your business! Just sign here…

Even MAXIMA has received these types of calls and they can be pretty convincing… BUT this is a SCAM!

All they need is for you to sign their simple Work Agreement and provide your financial history and they will get right after this “once in a life time” opportunity.

The small print of this simple agreement obligates you to pay $30,000.00 – $50,000.00 US funds AND it provides them exclusive rights to your business for up to 5 years! You sell your business for any reason and you owe them up to 10% of the value of the transaction.

The truth is we all know if something seems too good to be true… it is!

As the business owner you have the right to sell your business any way you like.

When you get your call to sell your business be sure to DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Pick a proven professional who can clearly demonstrate success in selling a business and can provide you with references and successes in Western Canada history.

After all it is your business, your money, and your future!

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