Value Builder

So, you've built a successful business...Now what?

Is it time to free up your busy schedule by bringing in a manager to run your company’s day-to-day operations?

Maybe you are ready to sell?

Perhaps you’re already planning the transition of your business to a new generation of leadership?

The one prerequisite in all three of these scenarios is that you have a business that can thrive without you. 

The Value Builder System consists of a step-by-step process designed to remove you personally from your business, driving up its value and giving you back control over your time. Whether you want to sell for a premium—or just know that you could—The Value Builder System will ensure you’ve got all of the options for the business and life you deserve.

Freedom Point

The Freedom Point eBook

As business owners, you typically face two difficult choices: when to sell your business and at what price. Selling your business may seem far off into the future, but if exiting your business now would give you the financial resources to do whatever you want, it may be worth considering sooner than feels natural. 

This eBook offers a simple methodology you can apply to reach financial independence – what we call The Freedom Point. You may be closer to a carefree life than you think.

You’ll discover:

  • How to determine if you’ve passed the Freedom Point.
  • A step-by-step process for calculating your Freedom Point.
  • 3 financial options faced once you’ve reached the Freedom Point.