Value Builder System

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What’s your business worth?

What is keeping it from being worth more?

You might not be looking to sell your business right now but you still want to maximize its value to ensure the best selling outcome in the future — or to be ready if an acquirer makes an unsolicited offer. 

The MAXIMA Group uses the Value Builder System to examine your business for weaknesses that drive the price of your business down.

Then we work to improve them. 

As of 2020, the Value Builder System is based on analysis of more than 52,000 companies and the factors that increase the business value. It is available only to qualified and authorized advisors with a record of helping others improve business performance. 

The businesses with the best performance in Value Builder receive a greater number of unsolicited offers from potential acquirers. Most importantly, they receive offers at multiples 71% higher than the average business. 

This short video provides an introduction:

Knowing and measuring the factors that influence Buyer decisions early in the process allows you to strategically increase the strength of each building block of value. This leads to higher value for your business, a better quality of life, and fewer regrets. 

See How Your Company Scores

Complete the Value Builder Questionnaire below to see how you’re doing on the core drivers of business value.

 Most people complete the questionnaire in less than ten minutes and it’s completely confidential.

We will follow-up to provide a free report to show how you’re doing in each area and show your biggest opportunities to increase the value of your business.

There is no obligation to enroll in the program and you get a helpful report either way.