Value Builder System

Increase the Value of Your Business With the Value Builder System

What’s your company worth?

Whether you want to sell your business now or build a valuable asset for the future, The Value Builder System alerts you to areas of your company that could drive the price of your business down.

If you’re like a lot of entrepreneurs, you assume the value of your company will be determined by your industry and its size.

While size matters, there are actually seven other factors that have a greater impact on the value of your company than your industry.

In fact, after analyzing more than 30,000 businesses, analysts behind The Value Builder System have discovered that getting these seven factors right can lead to acquisition offers that are more than twice the industry average.

Likewise, we have seen examples of companies getting less than half the industry average multiple because of a weakness in one of more of these seven factors.

Knowing and measuring Buyer target areas early in the process allows you to strategically increase the strength in each building block of value – and invariably enhances the quality of your business… and your quality of life.

To see how your company scores, you can complete the Value Builder questionnaire and get a report on how you’re doing in each area.