The five greatest risks when selling your business

1) You don’t know what your business is really worth so you leave money on the table… your money!
2) You fail to describe what your “true” business opportunity looks like from the outside looking in so the right Buyer never shows up and the other Buyers keep walking away.
3) Your “world” finds out your business is for sale. You suddenly have your team members leaving because they don’t feel secure and customers leave because they want to work with someone they know. What is left for a Buyer to buy?
4) You take your eye off the ball. You invest all your time and energy trying to sell the business instead of focusing on making your business worth buying. When profits fall so does the price!
5) After all your investment of extra work, extra resources, and extra time, your business DOES NOT SELL and worse yet – you don’t know why.

Selling your business is like taking a trip around the world. It may seem easy, but it’s more complicated than it sounds.

The better the research and planning you do, the better chance you have of achieving your personal goals. MAXIMA can help.

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