Success Stories

MAXIMA Success Stories

The MAXIMA Group has experience in a range of projects however much of the work completed is covered under confidentiality agreements. For reference some company names are available on our Project Tombstones page.

Examples of Previous Work:

  1. Sold one of Canada’s largest hospitality companies to a US-based private equity group.
  2. Sold Western Canada’s largest commercial pressure washing company to a private investor group.
  3. Assisted a public technology company in selling a division to a private buyer.
  4. Assisted a public oil industry service company complete the purchase of a private company.
  5. Assisted a private buyer purchase a technology company.
  6. Completed a full “operational and financial” merger process for a public company to include two new private companies – (approximately sixty staff members).
  7. Shut down a private company through insolvency process.
  8. Assisted two private companies with damage control and recovery from “extremely” hostile takeover attempts.
  9. Created and implemented Business Development processes for an oilfield engineering company (approx. 80 people) leading to 140% increase in revenues.
  10. Completed “start-up” to divestiture of a semiconductor product company (manufacturing and marketing).
  11. Managed in the sale of a semiconductor product company to a private company.
  12. As Interim COO, completed a “start-up to commercial” business in the technology segment (internet & software development & satellite communications) serving the O&G industry.
  13. Completed additional projects in general management consulting roles.


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MAXIMA's Successful Projects

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Other Project Work

Clients have engaged MAXIMA for the following roles:

  • Role on Board of Directors
  • President (interim)
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Controller
  • Business Development
  • Account Management
  • Monitoring Function on behalf of investors


Remedies for clients have included protecting the company by “parachuting in” an interim Specialist to allow the client time to locate the “right” person for the long term. Other cases have required establishing a plan to maximize corporate cash flow management for a critical cycle in the business.