MAXIMA Offers Transaction Advisory Services

Whether Selling your Business, or Buying a Business, at MAXIMA we have developed a seasoned team of divestiture, acquisition & merger related experts and processes to provide you with the best resources to successfully complete your transaction.

As a business owner looking to sell your business, you are provided with access to a team of experts all managed by MAXIMA and tailored to your exact situation. We provide you with one point of contact to manage the complete process. This saves you time and resources locating and developing those services. MAXIMA acts as your Project Champion.

Experts and services available include:

Acting as your discrete point man.

We can act as your initial assessor of potential opportunities maintaining confidentiality for both parties. As a third party potential competitors can be more comfortable sharing information knowing that they also maintain levels of confidentiality control.

Grooming your corporation for sale – now or for future.

Some companies will require preparation for sale through streamlining and optimizing operations, financial positioning, market positioning and improvements within human resources. Some clients have benefited by millions of dollars to their bottom line.

Preparing financial documentation

Reviewing, recasting, and if necessary working through your financial information and accounting processes to ensure the best positioning of your business from a Buyer’s perspective.

Tax Planning

Sophisticated tax modeling for planning your corporate, personal and estate tax (if applicable)


Professional valuations and appraisals that recognize historical performance and supports the future opportunities in the marketplace. This process assists in determining acceptable enterprise values (price ranges) for your business.

Legal Expertise

Providing expert guidance on preparing for due diligence, sale agreements, payment terms, documentation, warranties and limiting liabilities. MAXIMA works with a number of legal firms in this market place.

Fund Raising Assistance

Sourcing funds to assist you in structuring of your existing financial position for growth and equity management. Includes financing options for the Buyer, which can provide additional closing incentives.

Negotiation & Closing the Sale

The team at MAXIMA has years of experience in negotiations, problem solving, deal structuring, and closing the “sale”.