What's Your SELLABILITY Score?

Wondering if you have a business you can sell? Are you wondering how you can get the biggest multiple on selling your company?

The Sellability Score is a quantitative tool designed to analyze if your company is fit to sell. Before doing a full valuation, this tool helps you understand what makes your business attractive to buyers.

After completing the questionnaire, you will immediately receive a summary report. Then someone from our team will prepare the full report and contact you to review the results of within 24 hours (free of charge).

The information your provide for this report is completely confidential, and you do not need to share any sensitive financial information or secrets about your company’s operations.

This system looks at your company’s strength in the key areas that make a company worth buying. Over the years, data collected from over 10,000 of these Sellability reports and actual transaction outcomes has consistently shown that higher Sellability ratings result in higher multiples on business sales.

But what if you are not looking to sell your business? Then you should still get a Sellability report.

Why? Because the best company is one that is worth buying, so your guiding philosophy should always be building a company that is fit to sell. Your Sellability rating can help you identify opportunities where you can improve your company’s performance and enhance its value.

Besides, even if you aren’t thinking about selling your company now, it’s something very much worth thinking about. Every business eventually sells or dies. Even if your family is just going to take over your business someday, understanding these sellability drivers helps you build a company that is worth passing on.

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