Profit Finder

How to Find More Profit in Your Business

A Simple Approach to Improving Your Profitability and Cash Flow

Many business owners find themselves in a position where they have to turn to their accountants to provide insight into their company’s financial performance.

Perhaps you’ve been in the challenging situation where your cash flow is extremely tight  — even though your company is profitable.

In some situations, a business owner is relying on gut feeling for how well they are doing financially, but they can’t confirm until the year end statements are completed – which might be 90 days after the fiscal year ends.

Meanwhile, the bank requires basic monthly ratios to stay within certain limits to comply with covenants and debt terms.

Does Your Business Need Help Increasing Cash Flow?

MAXIMA’s Profit Finder system focuses on your financial results month by month. As soon as you receive the prior month’s statement, we can help you measure performance and identify where cash is leaking out.

Instead of being reactive with your financial situation, Profit Finder helps you become proactive. Our goal is to help you respond quickly and address issues long before fiscal year end.

We built these tools because we understand the struggles of business owners who need to manage costs and increase profit, regardless of whether the business is growing or shrinking.

Profit Finder is easy to use and many companies have financial statements that can be easily imported into the system.

The Profit Finder report will highlight key areas on a priority basis for additional review and so action can be taken immediately.

This translates to greatly improved profit and cash flow management – and this makes your company more valuable.

The MAXIMA Group’s Profit Finder is a powerful way to:

  • Pinpoint the trouble areas that are draining profit and cash.
  • Understand how much profit is being lost
  • Determine what corrective action to take and when
  • See the effect of your decisions on your bottom line
  • Identify challenges in how you are managing your working capital
  • Manage your business so the business doesn’t manage you.


Profit Finder also gives us modeling tools to help you gauge the impact of operational changes, opening a new office, developing a new product, changing your revenue forecasts, etc.

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