Heavy Oil and Oilsands Guidebook X

The latest issue of Heavy Oil & Oilsands Guidebook definitely focuses on the theme of lower oil prices and the challenges that creates.

As always it is a useful overview of this part of the oil industry. It covers many major issues in the industry, including changes in budgeted capital expenditures of major oilsands companies, technological innovation, and operational issues. It also gives some interesting profiles of specific projects and summarizes all the oilsands projects (operating, under construction, on hold, seeking approval, etc.)

Oilsands projects are planned according to multi-decade long project lives, sometimes lasting up to 50 years. Oil crashes will come and go, but these are not short-sighted and speculative bubble finance projects. These are built with the objective of adding value throughout the boom-and-bust cycles of the world’s most important commodity.

Some interesting articles we enjoyed:

  • Capex and cash-flow forecasts for major oilsands companies.
  • Five new oil sands technologies
  • Dealing with high costs of equipment and labor
  • The breakdown of operating and capital expenditures of a $574 million oilsands project.
  • Interviews with various people from major companies.

We have embedded the newest issue here for those who don’t have the hard copy.

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