Getting to Know David Braun, President of The MAXIMA Divestitures Group Inc.

Thoughts and background from MAXIMA’s President, David Braun

The development of the MAXIMA Divestitures teams over the years enabled me to focus on adding value to meet and exceed client expectations. Whether problem solving, strategy and business evolution, or the liquidity event that enables freedom (or escape), we love what we do!

In many cases our clients have invested decades of their life into creating, developing, and supporting a business. We believe they deserve to have that investment supported by a team that invests in understanding their unique business model and communicating that value to a buyer. 

MAXIMA Divestitures Group Inc. focuses on adding value to our clients with a speciality on the Selling and Buying of businesses. 

Project Experience:

  1. Current: The MAXIMA Divestitures Group Inc. (Canada)

  2. 1993 Started Corporate M.A.P.S. Inc focused on corporate turnarounds. In 1996 rebranded to MAXIMA Group as turnaround clients were receiving unsolicited offers.  

  3. European/Canadian opportunities 4 years. (M&A Global Inc.)

  4. USA project work: prior to 2010 (Multi-projects)

  5. Saudi and Middle East basin: 2 years (Saudi Arabian Development Corp.)

  6. Drilling industry equipment 5 years (Chimo)

  7. Production Equipment related to compression industry 6 years (Energy Industries Ltd.)

Roles & Results:
COB · CEO · COO · Director · President · Corporate Development · Sales 
Since 1993 have worked with hundreds of clients over broad market sectors.   

Tools and developed expertise: 
Sale of businesses · Buying businesses · Management Consulting · Operations Improvement · Finance Consulting · Strategic Planning · Project Management · Business Consulting · Executive Coaching · Leadership Development · Negotiations

U of C, Canadian Forum for International Trade, Multiple speciality courses, and Life.

Life lessons:

  1. Every business either sells or dies… this really is a choice.

  2. The smartest person in the room may not be on your side.

  3. The blessing of health is easy to ignore but impossible to live without.

  4. Your children are only lent to you, so they deserve your time today. No do-overs.  

  5. The blessing of normal day… enough said.

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