Fossil Fuel Fictions vs. Fossil Fuel Facts

Fossil Fuel Fiction #1
We have the technology to replace fossil fuels with wind and solar energy.

Fossil Fuel Fact #1
Fossil fuels generate more than 65% of global electricity production. Despite the hundreds of billions of dollars invested, wind and solar provide only 1.5% of global power.

Fossil Fuel Fiction #2
Canada’s oil and gas industry increases global carbon emissions.

Fossil Fuel Fact #2

Canada is responsible for less than 4% of the 96 million barrels of daily world oil production. If our production were completely shut down, that 4% and the emissions associated with it would quickly be replaced by other countries. Moreover, carbon emissions from Alberta’s much-maligned oilsands make up a minuscule 0.15% of global emissions.

Fossil Fuel Fiction #3
Canada’s carbon tax will be part of a global emissions reduction effort.

Fossil Fuel Fact #3
While 111 countries at the November Marrakech climate change conference supported a proclamation calling for “the highest political commitment to combat climate change,” the real-world facts paint a far different picture.

Only countries with a combined global emission share of 17% have any intention of honouring that proclamation. And because none of those are significant trading partners, imposing a carbon tax to reduce Canada’s minuscule 1.6% of global emissions is simply economic hara-kiri.

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