MAXIMA's Confidentiality Policy

With the advancement in technology over the past two decades making it far easier to access and share information, both buyers and sellers have had to be even more careful with their sensitive and confidential information. If the desire to buy or sell a business is leaked too soon or to the wrong individuals, your selling or buying price may be significantly affected – not to mention the detrimental effect on staff morale and client confidence.

We have a basic recipient/provider non-disclosure agreement available for you to execute prior to providing us with any confidential information. Whether the NDA is signed or not, the MAXIMA Group works within the confidentiality protocols listed below.

Any information we collect on this website, or that you provide to us:

  • is used to provide you with information on our products and services;
  • may be used to notify you for our private marketing purposes;
  • will not be sold or rented to others; and,
  • will not be shared with other organizations period!

All information collected will be treated as private and confidential. We will be discrete in our response to your inquiry. The email address you provide will be presumed confidential; any response from us via email may include a copy of your original request. When we respond to an inquiry via telephone we will not leave any details related to your inquiry or your voicemail. We will leave a name and phone number for you to call us back. We understand that if you are considering selling your business specifically, keeping the process confidential even from your employees is of utmost importance.

Please include in the comments section of your communications an additional note if your email is not private and/or if you would like us to call you at a specific time.

If you want to correct any previously provided information, or wish to delete your information from our database, please let us know by contacting us at 403-570-7388.