Buying a Business

Buying a Business

Are you considering buying a business? Whether looking to expand your existing business operations through acquisitions in the marketplace, or to satisfy your entrepreneurial spirit, the MAXIMA Group will team with you to “test” the market for business opportunities.

The successful acquisition requires preparation, strategic planning, and engaging expertise to manage the challenges in the competitive marketplace.

Testing the marketplace for a suitable acquisition raises numerous questions:

  • What kind of business can MAXIMA help me buy?
  • How do I know if the business I am buying is a business worth buying?
  • Why should I invest in expertise to help buying a business?
  • How can I engage the expertise to successfully buy a business?
How Do I Identify the Target Business to Acquire that Achieves My Goals?

While many private Buyers approach the market with a generalist attitude (i.e.: “If it makes money and I can afford it, buy it”), successful acquisitions always benefit from developing a clear model for what business targets achieve the Buyers strategic goals.

This investment of time and energy helps you remain on target rather than pursuing distractions which typically end up a poor solution at best.

Fact: every business eventually sells or dies. This means every business you come across will eventually have to face the reality of selling or shutting down. Timing is a critical part of this process.

How Do I Know If the Business I Am Considering Is a Business Worth Buying?

Fact: Very few Buyers want to buy a business that is headed for disaster. Many Buyers search high and low for a business that has strong history, a great market presence with a unique niche, great staff, the who’s who of clients, and year after year of reliable profits. While this is a popular “target”, to date no one we know has found one let alone convinced the Owner to sell that business.

Fact: For businesses that are “worth buying” there are MORE Buyers than Sellers.

The MAXIMA Group has the expertise and process to effectively assess a broad range of business models in a timely and effective manner.

Why Should I Invest in Expertise to Help Buy a Business?

Your successful acquisition will include profiling targets for alignment to your strategic goals, initiating contact, script development, opportunity assessments, business valuations, risk profiling, SWOT analysis, managing expectations, expert negotiations, establishing Letters of Intent, finance modeling, structuring and assessing due diligence, managing legal agreements, and will require oversight of the complete process leading to the successful transfer of ownership and funds. Investing in expertise will assist you in navigating the many potholes and challenges of completing a transaction. This saves you aggravation, time, money, and helps you to achieve your acquisition goal.

Buyer vs. Seller Objectives:

It’s this simple:

Buyer’s priority: To get the best deal possible (lowest price with longest payout).
Seller’s priority: To get the best deal possible (highest price with shortest payout).

Engaging Expertise to Buy a Business:

The MAXIMA Group has a proven history of successfully achieving completed transactions. Each solution is structured around your personal priorities, goals, and expectations. Our team is available to discuss your individual requirements and opportunity in a Confidential Interview process. This “no obligation” discussion provides you with a high level “road map” to successfully achieve your strategic goals. 

MAXIMA’s Goals for Helping You Buy a Business:

#1 Goal: We are your Champion through the process of successfully helping you buy a business in a timely and effective professional manner.
#2 Goal: To make best use of proven “best practice” processes and strategies to successfully help you buy a business.
#3 Goal: At MAXIMA we manage the process of “buying a business” so you can focus on achieving your strategic plan.

MAXIMA will only represent one side of any deal!
MAXIMA will act on the BUYERS’ behalf or the SELLERS’ behalf; but never both.

If you have questions about buying a business in Western Canada, please contact us today to discuss your goals.