Business Valuations

Not Ready to Sell Your Business Yet?

If you’re not planning to sell for 2, 5, maybe 10 years or more, you’re likely wanting to increase the VALUE of it. The VALUE BUILDER SYSTEM will provide the strategies & tools you need to increase your company’s value.  Learn More >>

Get a Business Valuation to Determine the Value of a Company

MAXIMA’s services range from buying a business (or a portion of one) to selling a business and numerous models in between.

Our business valuation services include;

  • Selling a business – demonstrating range of fair market value,
  • Valuations for Buying a business,
  • Partner share valuations,
  • Valuation for business financing,
  • Tangible and intangible business assets,
  • Partnership units,
  • Non-compete and management continuity arrangements,
  • Private and publicly held company shares,
  • Fixed income and convertible shares, and,
  • Estate planning.

MAXIMA has completed business valuations for a broad range of industries including manufacturing and processing, computer software, health, high and low technologies, wholesaling, agriculture, projects for residential and commercial buildings, construction, professional practices, financial services, pipelining, drilling, engineering, oil and gas production and servicing, seismic, distributors, and others.

MAXIMA respects the need for confidentiality. If you’d like to learn more about the process please review the steps listed below;

  • Provide us with a copy of your Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or contact us, and we can provide you with a copy of ours. We will gladly sign and email you a copy for your records.
  • Once the NDA is executed, we will schedule a meeting to determine if we are a good fit to achieve your goals.
  • Once we decide to move forward, you will be provided with a comprehensive overview of the project process and documentation.

The first draft usually takes 7-10 business days. At that point we will have an initial assessment to determine whether your business value matches your expectations allowing you to plan appropriately.

Click below to request a more detailed explanation of the process or to get started with your valuation.