Announcement News Release – March 1, 2012

MAXIMA Divestitures Group welcomed as the newest member of M&A Europe – A Global Network for Mergers & Acquisitions

(Calgary, Alberta)  The management of the MAXIMA Divestitures Group Inc. is pleased to announce their formal association with the “M&A Europe” International Mergers and Acquisitions group.

MAXIMA recently worked with an M&A Europe Partner on a mid-cap transaction, both organizations cited synergies, and value resulting in the formalized relationship.

M&A Europe is a network of 28 M&A specialists in 23 countries worldwide. Their network consists of leading M&A boutiques with proven track-records and expertise, in the major European countries as well as a broad range of international projects. Through this international partnership we are able to access strategic Buyers, Acquisition and Merger candidates, and financial resources to deliver outstanding results in cross-border transactions. The M&A Europe partner’s experience and network range secures the highest possible standard of delivering value-added solutions to our clients.

David Braun, the president of the MAXIMA Group, said, “This relationship provides opportunities for Buyers & Sellers from all over Europe and the USA to directly interact with the Canadian marketplace.

The MAXIMA Divestitures Group is a Calgary based decade old firm which has completed a broad portfolio of transactions in the Merger, Acquisition and Divestitures marketplace.
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