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Welcome to the MAXIMA Divestitures blog!

This blog is intended to be a forum for our website visitors and a place for us to exchange ideas
and thoughts related to business. We will be blogging various articles, research, and tips for
those of you interested in learning more about:

  1. Trends within the current business environment in Canada
  2. Ways and means to address various challenges when operating a business
  3. Financially grooming your business
  4. Things to consider when preparing and grooming your business to sell
  5. Selling your business
  6. Purchasing a business

Please keep an eye out for changes coming to our website, we will be adding more details to our success stories and various testimonials.

We have an RSS feed pending to update you when new materials are added to the blog.

We value your feedback, and encourage you to comment and share your own thoughts and experiences related to our posts. Before reading or commenting on any of our posts, please familiarize yourself with our terms of use.

To start things off, do you have any questions you would like us to answer?

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