the hidden dangers of cross-selling

The Hidden Danger of Cross-Selling

You’ve likely heard the adage that it is far easier to cross-sell an existing customer a new product than it is to find a new customer; And if your goal is to grow at all costs, then cross-selling can make a lot of sense. However, all of that sales growth may not do much for the value of your company. If you cross-sell your existing customers too much stuff, it could make your business far less valuable.

In this blog, Maxima takes a look at some hidden dangers of cross-selling, and how an M&A expert at Maxima can help you navigate this tricky topic.

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raising your business like a child

Raising Your Business Like a Child

Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur? If your goal had been to create a business that can thrive without you, you would likely make very different decisions, avoiding that central role in operations. We take a look at the importance of a business’s independence from its owner through the metaphor of thinking of your business as a child, and how your role is to guide him/her into becoming an independent, thriving adult — without you.

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Maxima Divestitures

3 Ways To Get Your Life Back

How’s your workload these days? Since the pandemic many owners are finding themselves in the weeds of their business, which is neither healthy nor good for the business. Now is an excellent opportunity to retool your company so that it can start running without you again. These three steps should help.

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Why You Should Fire Yourself

If you find yourself in a position where your customers always insist on speaking with you directly instead of your employees, then you might want to consider shifting your structure so you can improve the value of your business.

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Wind Power: Don’t Count On It

Perhaps instead of “renewable energy,” we should call it “unreliable energy.” The following piece from Climate Discussion Nexus discusses some of the the undeniable problems with wind power:  Another reality

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Improve Cash Flow in a Crisis

Tip of the Week – April 28, 2020 Alberta businesses are facing incredible challenges right now with the virus panic, the lockdown economy, and the depressed oil price. Other than staying alive and

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